Why Muntori?


The Muntori Bilingual School team understands education as a personal and individualized process, therefore, develops Individual Plans based on the development of competencies according to the theory of multiple intelligences. Our own methodology created for students in the stages of Early Childhood Education, Primary Education and Compulsory Secondary Education. One characteristic that identifies us is the reduced ratio, an essential feature for an effective individualization that allows personalized attention to interests, concerns and different rhythms of learning, as well as favoring motivation in the teaching-learning process.

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Educative offer

Infants, Primary and Secondary

The experience of more than 40 years in the world of teaching has served to develop an active methodology based on the development of educational projects capable of meeting the current and future needs of all students.

Another education is possible

Learning through experimentation involves doing rather than saying, deducing rather than memorising, inquiring rather than believing a single point of view, guiding instead of instructing. And for that you need a team that makes, guides, investigates and believes.

Pedagogical innovation and emotional development

Muntori Bilingual School demonstrates excellent academic results resulting from a long trajectory in the application of innovative pedagogical methodologies which are integrated into our educational projects. And we do it with a dynamic development of activities that respect the need for physical activity of the students, in an environment in which values, coexistence and healthy and sustainable habits are as important as knowledge. We seek the maximum potential of cognitive, creative and emotional development of our students..

Multilingual education

We integrate languages with naturalness, creating a multilingual environment where children learn English, German, Spanish and Valencian. We even have extracurricular languages: French and Chinese. We are a “Cambridge Preparation Centre” for the University of Cambridge.

Integration of healthy and sustainable habits

Advised by nutritionists, we promote a healthy diet as well as healthy hygienic habits. In addition, with the help of our ecological spaces (organic garden and our farm), we learn to live in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way.


Versatile, active, committed, creative and motivated young people

Es what our society needs. This requires rethinking the current training system and creating new methodologies where activity, creativity and participation are central. People capable of facing problems, being confidence and applying creativity in order to resolve conflict.

No textbooks

It is possible to do without the textbook and obtain excellent results. The student is the protagonist in their learning and this is developed from their own interests and needs. Exploring different possibilities, and drawing different conclusions on the same question fosters more meaningful learning and the development of critical thinking. And all this from collaborative work in an environment designed for interaction, experimentation and active participation among peers and teachers.

Project Learning (ABP)

Life is not divided into subjects: Build something together, respond to problems that require different capacities from different subjects. In each phase of the project, students are given the opportunity to develop different skills and allow teachers to observe the talents of each student. It generates an environment of knowledge exchange that enriches the use of communicative skills.

Get to know Muntori School

We invite you to get to know our centre in more detail: you can request a guided tour where we will show you the facilities, we will present our methodology and answer any queries that you might have.

Beyond the classrooms

From Muntori Bilingual School we offer a comprehensive educational service and extracurricular activities:



Summer Activity Camp (including horseriding and swimming) and multiadventure activities.


Music, yoga, piano, multi-sport, Chinese, French, dance, chess.


From 7 years old, students can participate on trips organised by native professionals to get a total immersion in the languages, traditions and customs.


School transportation. Extended hours. Canteen suitable for all types of diets. Psycho-pedagogical and speech-language office.


On Saturday mornings our British native teachers give intensive courses in English for children and adults levels at all levels A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2. All courses are based on Cambridge English and their official certifications.

Get to know our philosophy
and our facilities.

Download our dossier to
expand your information.

Colegio Muntori
Avda Valencia nº28 – Polígono del ríu
03420 Castalla (Alicante)
Tel: +34 965 560 749


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